Not really a personal bio but rather a word about my motivation in preparing these galleries. This website is not about my photography but about my surroundings. Actually its more of an attempt to share the sights of the area in which I live (Prince of Wales Island Alaska).
I am not a professional photographer. All photos are snapshots,hand held using available light. Nothing is set up. Given the oppurtunity of viewing the entire sequence of photos one should come away with an overview of my surroundings. I tend to assume a naturalist view in placing emphisis upon flora and fauna.
Prince of Wales Island is the third largest island in the United States, roughly the size of Delaware. Only the island of Hawaii and Kodiak are larger. It is a part of the Alexander Archipelago . POW Island is situated at the southernmost portion of southeastern Alaska panhandle. A temperaterate rain forest inside the Tongass National Forest & is heavily forested with Sitka spruce, hemlock,, and cedar. We received eleven feet of rain in 1997. Our waterways also team with life: humpback and orca whales,seals, sea lions and porpoise often cavort here.
It is said that there are more deer on this island than humans. Personally I think that to be a huge understatement. It might be nearer a 10X ratio. There are also an abundance of other animals including black bear, mink, marten, wolf and beaver.
To better understand the location think of it as being Northwestern Northwestern Washington state. Though untrue it is a better description than just saying it`s in Alaska because most people have an interpretation that all of Alaska is Arctic. Nothing is farther from the truth. I am located nearer Seattle than to Anchorage. The weather system here is that of the Pacific Northwest which is to say the dominant pattern is an onshore flow of moist marine air coming from the South Pacific. This greatly influences climate. As a result both winter and summer are mild as compared to anyplace else I have been in the northern states inland of coastal areas.
My photos have been used by Alaska Geographic "Native Cultures of Alaska, Thorne Bay Business Association, Prince of Wales Island Chamber of Commerce Island Guide & Ketchikan Travelers Bureau Visitors Guide & Alaska Magazine as well as my own personal publications ( coffee table books & calendars ).
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